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Going long distance, has no boundaries whatsoever. The limits of how far a human being can go as opposed to how fast havent even been glimpsed! -Kirk Johnson

No need to explain why I´m running this long!

IMnadineby IMnadineNov 15th 2009
Today was my first day of running with a new group of marathoners. A group of people to whom I didn't have to explain why I train so long or why I do traithlons, let alone ironmans. People who won´t have a puzzled look when you tell them that your saturday morning was spent riding or running for over 2hrs. Training was usually done either by myself or a couple of friends who wanted to start running three at the most. Guatemala is not a country where you can find a running, triathlon or swimming club to train with. We have plenty of other. Amazing weather 95% of the year, if you need hills we have all kinds, flat roads got plenty of those too. If you drive an hour you're at the beach with nice hot weather and flat and or hilly roads. If you drive two hours you have high altitude and colder weather and plenty of climbs. Need humidity we have some of that too! We have a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains 30mins away where saturday morning rides take place. So what's this about?

It's just that I felt a huge difference training run with a group of people that have 5 plus years experience in running and competition. It's not like I discovered sugared water, but I did find out that it will keep me acountable to train with a group. They won't let you quit, they won't let you stay by yourself, you will find out tips and tricks, and I personally feel like I ask a lot more of myself.

Most of the runners have done plenty of marathons, beginners are the minority. It was a fantastic experience! Either I kept up with one group or the other, but I had to keep a pace even if it felt slightly uncomfortable at times. I can see on the near future some good improvements if I manage to stay with the group. I can choose to go with the front runners, behind them of course! Or with the back group and stay in a comfort zone. My plan, at the back of the front group!

It was great to chat with them and find out that some of them do enjoy longer competitions over marathon distance! Some fo the guys are planning on doing the same race I have planned to do this coming March, MY FIRST 50K! I'm thinking trainning buddies yey!

We always find so many topics to share with our fellow athletes, endurance athletes are a different breed. We are found crazy, irresponsible, sometimes even our time is seen as wasted on a weekend of long trainning hours. People who train together and share the same passion are beyond words, we understand each other. I can´t say I haven't had trainning buddies, I used to compete in cycling and there were 8 of us girls on the team. The only team I may add! Racing was done with the guys. Only once a year did we have our internationale female cycling tour. Slowly female cyclist have been developing and have started racing.

Anyways I just had to write about my new trainning group! I am looking forward to becoming a better triathlete by becoming a better runner. Huyaaa!
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