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BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
2017 is a year of training building up to a personal challenge in June 2018. More information coming soon!

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2015 and Brutal Triple Ironman Here I Come!

Ironjediby IronjediNov 24th 2014
I spent the latter part of 2014 feeling pretty broken. In the summer I ruptured my calf, a proper full blown rupture, then just as I thought things were getting better, I injured my left shoulder and was told I had rotator cuff tendonitis. This put a definite stop to my plan to run one of the Coastal Trail Series races in Dorset in December. I felt flat.

In an attempt to find my mojo I joined the #Runcember challenge, aiming to run at least a mile every day in December. The month started fairly slowly but as the days went by it seemed to pick up pace. My original goal of 100K turned into 100 miles and then 200 miles. This was a big ask considering my lack of running since the summer but I decided I would give it a blast. To spur me on I stepped up the pressure on my brother who was also doing #Runcember to try to convince him to take part in the Brutal Triathlon Half Iron distance. A massive challenge for him as a complete Triathlon Virgin, with no bike and not much of a swimming past.

I still had 65 miles to run in the last three days of December in order to hit my target of 200 miles and the hope that my bro would step up and enter. I ran solidly leaving myself 24 miles to run on the 31st December. By 7pm on New Years Eve I had cracked it and just to make sure Strava hadn't screwed the figures I ran an extra 1.7 miles - making it 201.7 miles for the month. Surely my brother would have to enter. He also completed his goal of 100K and ran every day despite a serious case of Man flu. Respect to him.

A couple of days later he sent me a message. He had only gone and entered the Full Brutal, an Ironman distance triathlon with a run to the summit of Snowdon. And I thought I was meant to be the crazy one in the family! All respect to him, he has taken the challenge by the balls and is currently squeezing very tightly. He will crack it as he's a determined sod, just like me. What a joy, to be getting in the water with my brother at the start of what will be an epic race. In fact two other friends are going to race the other two distances. Jim will do the Half and Grant the Double. We now have all bases covered and someone in every race, it's just as well that we are heading North with a strong support team. I think we are going to need it. The other interesting thing is that there is another set of brothers racing too (double and triple). This is going to be immense!

So with everyone sorted for the races, the year begins for me. Training is underway and is going ok at the moment. I really did build a solid base for the running in December and am continuing to work on it. Biking is a little slow, due to ice in the mornings. That will all change and soon enough it will be Spring. I have even formulated a plan for swimming, clearly my weakest discipline, and one I am going to have to work on. I really don't think I will be able to turn up on the day and wing a 7.2 mile swim.

Great news too as we head through January, I have some more support from Proviz, BC Trees, Ashwood Shepherd Huts and VO2Sportswear who are helping out with some custom kit. Woo hoo!

Roll on my first race. And my first ever running ultra.....
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