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Lieann's Triathlon journey
Welcome to my journey.

Day 1

Lieannby LieannAug 9th 2012
Hello everyone
This is my first day to this site and the start of my journey.

I am 32 years old, 2.5 stones over weight and in need of some direction. So I thought right lets get a plan together and aim towards a here I am.

My plan is to enter the Humanrace triathlon in July next year to do the Womens only Shockwave Challenge Triathlon. I have not done a triathlon before so I am new to this style of training. I plan on building my fitness up to a good level to enable me to train correctly for the event. I am not an exercise novice so I have a good base knowledge, just need a little motivation here and there..

I am excited about starting my journey and blogging my progress, and I would welcome any help of advice I can get.

Let the fun begin!! :)
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Aug 9th 2012 21:43
Hi Lieann, welcome! Triathlon is a great sport, the three disciplines help keep you interested and keep fit! I've met lots of great people along the way and it sounds like you've got some great goals so good luck!
Lieannby blog author: Lieann, Aug 9th 2012 21:57
Thanks Sarah, I am looking forward to the challenge :)
samfish01by member: samfish01, Aug 10th 2012 18:56
well done you!! it's a great sport and for EVERYONE!! I will see you there as am recruiting lots of girls to start and take part in our fun sport. It's good for body and mind and it's fun!! where you based? we swim at southsea (portsmouth) in the sea every Tue night 1815ish (coffee cup) and saturday morning 0900 - good luck and all the best with the training!!!
Lieannby blog author: Lieann, Aug 10th 2012 20:52
Thanks Sam. I am based in Milton Keynes so a little too far for a regular swim, but would love to join in if I am every down that way. There is a lake near me were I can get some open swimming done to get some practice in. Thanks for the motivation, I am really excited about the journey.
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