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Lisa B
Lisa B

hard swim

LisaBoardmanby LisaBoardmanJan 23rd 2011
Went for cycle with the girls and new club member Mark this morning. Even though Mark was new he wasnt shy about removing articles of clothing! Nice spin, around 46k for me. I would have liked to do a bit more but I had to be home by 11.30.

I have a sick child again so went for a swim this evening cause may not get to go in the morning. Had to share a lane with two 75+ year old men doing breaststroke/walk so didn't get much drills done although I did swim like be jesus trying not to focus on the men, sometimes closing my eyes. There was one episode of my toe touching off one of them which I wont go into right now cause it's too fresh in my mind.

I think I did 1500 front crawl, 240 right arm up, left arm back, 240 back crawl, 240 catch up, 240 pull buoy. Total 2560 m.
Lisa B
Hi Lisa Boardman here. I've been cycling for a fair few years now and have been doing triathlons for 3 years. I joined Fingal Tri last year and it has been a great way of meeting like minded people because most friends/family just think us triathletes are off the wall. I'm not really into competing to win, more for the enjoyment of three disciplines and the craic! I train mostly with BFF Caroline which is perfect cause we are free the same hours for training and are pretty much the same level of fitness. She also is great for entertainment! And NO she's not my sister/twin and defo not me! Very proud to won best female sprint time and olympic time in Fingal Tri for 2010.

I'm sure the blog will be hit and miss when it is updated. I think I prefer facebook!
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