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I am Sr. Pastor of New Life Church in Sandusky, Oh. I will be doing my first Tri in May. (Rev3 Oly distance) I will be doing a full IM in September, here in Sandusky, which is also a Rev3 race.

Swim today

Manofwordby ManofwordFeb 11th 2010
I feel like I am making progress. In November, at the end of 25m I was exhausted! Now I can crank out 2500m in about an hour w/o emptying the tank! Glad I'll be able to wear a wet suit for the IM. I'm wearing one for training and it is a great help. Hope to finally pick up my bike (Fuji Aloha 2.0) tomorrow and get an indoor trainer so I can start spinning. Been too cold to run so I haven't been doing it. Just can't force myself to do the "Dreadmill" thing.
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