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St. Louis Based 'triathlete' used to train crossfit/SEALfit for 2-3 2011 was introduced and fallen in love with sport of triathlon. On top I also have practiced kendo since about 2004, as well as Tang Soo Do, aikido, and tai chi all since 2011. If you'd like to join me for training session or laugh at how slow I usually am please feel free to contact me. Thanks for visit!

Work/rest day

MarkChaoby MarkChaoMar 7th 2012
Work, home stuff, and sore hips mean that I have to miss kendo. Hate missing kendo so much as I love the huge mental and physical challenge it still provides despite all my training. Though I have noticed its been nearly 2 weeks when I last had a full day of rest with absolutely no running, swimming, biking, tang soo do, kendo, tai chi, aikido, or a lift......LOL I think people are right when I do bit too much. Much needed though as hips are still recovering from Sunday and I hope to feel better by tomorrow!
Tags: rest, work
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