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Chasing Dreams
My travels from a year of Tri experience to Ironman UK 2014.

After deciding to do an olympic distance Triathlon in September 2013 I set about training and quickly realised I wanted to do an Ironman. Two days after finishing my first 70.3 race seems like a good place to start this story. Lets see where it goes from here.

A beginning in an Ending

NextTangentby NextTangentAug 13th 2013
So my post title is hardly original, but it is very accurate.

The Olympics inspired a lot of people, as did the Tour de France and the US Open. As a country we saw such huge individual success that it was hard not to want that feeling. What I didn't expect was to become so inspired to do something so outside of my comfort zone.

Triathlon is a ridiculous sport, I am often reminded of this by a lot of people. The interesting thing is that very few people ask why I do it. People either understand me, or simply accept that challenging yourself is not a bad thing.

Where have I come from

In the 11 Months since I started to train for Triathlon I have had a lot to be proud of. I think the achievement I am most proud of is going from being barely able to swim 20m breast stroke without stopping to racing over 1900m in open water in a wave of 130 other swimmers. My cycling and running have both come on a huge amount as well, and I can barely remember the days where I thought a 12km cycle was a long way, and a 5k run seemed like a long work out.

But mostly I learnt what determination and dedication is. From waking up and venturing out into the blistering cold to get to the club rides throughout winter, to waking up at 3am to eat before a big race. I have found parts of my mind will allow me to do things I would never have thought were possible whilst still at university.

This has led me from a pool sprint event, a Half Ironman all in about 4 months. Finally I have arrived at this point where I feel like I am ready for the ultimate challenge, to go long as it is known.
A beginning in an Ending

Where am I going

So two days on from finishing the great challenge of my life so far, I look forward to taking a week off from training. The first complete week off I have had in 11 months, and after that transition period I will take 4 weeks to slow things right down and plan for the journey to Ironman.

Hopefully I will get about 12 of these blog posts done so I can track my monthly progress for my own sanity. Combined with my training journal, this should make for a good guide as to what it takes for me to get from where I am now to the biggest endurance challenge imaginable.

One thing the last year has reinforced for me is a feeling I have had for the past 7 years, and was put so nicely in a TED talk I watched yesterday:

Fake it until you become it - If you do something you will see yourself as that thing, and once you see yourself doing it, you'll never stop.
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