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Improved Blogging System
Oziemby Oziem Apr 4th 2011
Notifications & Favourites
Oziemby Oziem Nov 21st 2010
Notifications When there's new content on the site we now have a quick way to let you know! A notification icon will appear showning the number of alerts relevant to the section. i.e. if there's a new forum post on a thread that you have selecte...
Oziemby Oziem Nov 8th 2009
Hi TriBloggers, I haven't made much progress in the last couple of weeks, I have only fixed a few bugs and improved a couple of features. Heres a list of a few of the changes I made this weekend: You now can view the number of hits you get on...
Blogging Features
Oziemby Oziem Jul 10th 2009
Oziemby Oziem Feb 20th 2009
Joined twitted yesterday, have been thinking about it for a while. Hopefully it will help me spread the word about TriBlogs. Follow me for updates on the site :)...
Richer blog posts
Oziemby Oziem Feb 9th 2009
Hi TriBloggers, I have just finished and uploaded a few changes to the blogging tool. You can now assign keywords or phrases to your posts which are can then used to group together similar topics. This is a feature commonly found with other blog...
Oziemby Oziem Jan 26th 2009
Finally sat down today to look at the blogging side of TriBlogs. So far I have really been focused on the training side of TriBlogs and have neglected this. Today I implemented the advanced style tab in the public view settings. Here you'll find...
Blog Comments & New Nav
Oziemby Oziem Oct 13th 2008
Public Blog You can now comments on other users blog entries. Click on the 'Leave a comment' link below and you'll be able to contribute to the TriBlogs community :) New Nav You can double click entries in your diary month view to edit them. I...
TriBlogs & Me
TriBlogs has been my pet project since 2005. It all started as a way for me to track my own training and I ended up sharing with my friends... the rest is history.

I write the code, test the code, debug the code, sing the theme tune... Sarah has joined the team now and she bosses me around on your behalf. If you use the site regularly and love it please help us continue by subscribing or by getting all your friends to visit the site!

On my blog you'll find my experiences attempting to be an athlete of some sort and my photo blogs of races that we visit for inspiration.
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