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Midlife crisis - maybe!
Hi, my name is Lee and in 2012 I entered my first triathlon. The bug has certainly bitten and I look forward to improving my swimming technique in order to compete at a better standard and over longer distances.

Bugger - Injured!

PompeyGilsby PompeyGilsOct 28th 2012
Well just as I was ramping up the running miles in preparation for the Gosport Half marathon in a couple of weeks I was stopped in my tracks. Quite literally by a car whilst I was cycling home from work.
The usual 'sorry mate I didn't see you' excuse of a young driver as he wiped me out on a roundabout. Luckily he wasn't going that fast and I haven't suffered any serious injuries. Trip to A&E (in an ambulance) to confirm that my foot wasn't broken and for stitches in a cut on my hip was required.
Its ten days now since the accident and I'm still struggling to walk properly, this is due to some ligament damage to left foot/ankle. Starting to get frustrated as I see plenty of runners/cyclists making the most of the dryish weather.
I'm hoping that with a couple more weeks rest that I'll be back to training but don't think the half marathon will be run.
The upside of being off is that I've found loads of races I want to do in 2013 - just need to get fit again and save some pennies!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Oct 29th 2012 10:19
So frustrating for you ;-( glad that your injuries were't too severe!

Good luck with your races, nothing better to get you motivated and sounds like you have a great mindset and you can build on that for 2013.
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