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Tri Scotty
Tri Scotty

Horrible weather for running

ScottGby ScottGMar 31st 2010
Well Well Well.....Just though I'd start this blogging lark and see how it goes. I'll keep it short and snappy for the moment and cut to the chase.

Firstly im a pretty keen triathlete so try and fit that in around college and a bitta socialzing

Im coming into the last 3weeks of my base phase training which iv been doing alllll winter long so im looking forward to some racing and mixing up the training. Friday is my first race of the year and its a splash and dash of 400m swim and 5k run so that should be interesting.

As for tonight it was our first night on the track and we did a good warm up then a 1Mile running TT which i managed in 4:59 so happy with that as im defo faster than last year:) Take a look at this link its quite interesting for estimating your times.

Gonna leave you with this video...its EPIC!!
ScottGby ScottG Mar 31st 2010
Sitting on the couch feeling very unmotivated to get up and do an hour on the turbo and run after. soooo tired! I'll prob set it up infront of the champions league game. Also gotta get another feckin assignment in with adds to the misery of the situa...
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