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Slacker tries to shed old nickname
After several years of going nowhere in Tri terms, I moved to Bristol and wound up joining a new club. My history of only training on the bike slipped into the past, and my former nickname started to wear off...


Slackerby SlackerJul 27th 2010
Oooh, another place to spill my guts!! And better still, it's tri-specific!! I can be as g33ky as I want and have more chance of being understood!!

It's over three weeks now since Ironman Germany. In my head I'm ready to take on the world, but in reality I haven't run since. My swimming has taken a battering with a shoulder niggle which seems to have been there forever. On the upside, my cycling is better than ever!! Now I just need to get back on a mountain bike...

I've been pretty lax in keeping my particular TriBlog training record up to date. It started well, but... Stuff was happening which has no place here (or anywhere else for that matter) and nothing seemed worth doing except the training itself.

Here is my pledge;

To train well as advised by my undying fount of wisdom of a coach, and to document it as accurately as possible on this fair page for you, the avid follower of someone else's blitherings. As well as the facts and figures of my training diary, I'll try to post some wordy interestingness on here on a roughly weekly basis also.

Hakuna matata!!
Slackerby blog author: Slacker, Jul 27th 2010 08:51
Dammit!! Should have mentioned; I'll begin when the fantastic people at Garmin Europe return my Edge 705...
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