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London Elite DL.

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriAug 25th 2010
Ok, so I promised mr Edwards that I would give my account of London & racing with the pro's.

If anyone wants to know how to prepare for a top level draft legal race, let me give you the following advice;

1. Always Swim behind a speed boat, the more powerful the better to be honest as the wash will be more realistic. If it doesn't feel like a washing machine then get a bigger engine for it.

2. Once you have mastered swimming in wash the size of Jaws, make sure you get yourself nearly to the point of vommitting & then find some steps to run up with a wetsuit in a plastic bag, (yes father christmas would be proud). Then 200m run to your bike & your ready to proceed to the next phase.

3. Cycling, now, you might expect the first few miles of the bike to be fairly leisurely, perhaps get yourself composed don't do too much work & allow your HR to calm down a bit.


Expect, a massive chase to stay in contact with some sort of group, otherwise you can kiss the race goodbye, cause there aint going to be anyone behind you unless your a sub 18m swimmer.

The bike does get easier, but only in time for you to realise that the lead pack are at least 3mins head & its not going to get any better.

4. The run, by the time you get to run, chances are that Mr Don & Hayes will be almost on their second lap, so watch out for that rather embarrassing shot on C4 of you hobbling out on the run whilst Tim and Courtney simply breeze past you, possibly giving you a slightly annoyed look for being in the way.

Ok, the end is pretty fun, and its a massive buzz getting to hang out with those top boys at the start.

Next year - game on!! If they let me in of course - PH.
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