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Today I am mainly whinging about....
Fat girl on a mission to change her world and make people around her eat tofu willingly while she's at it


Tiggatighby TiggatighMay 4th 2010
The job has been and gone. Lots of things not right, gave it a go but realised I just can't abide being stuck indoors sat on my backside looking at a screen all day, made worse by having a fabulous view of Poole Harbour and the Purbecks and knowing I'd much rather be out there doing something physical.
I'm thinking on it. Has been suggested I ought be a park ranger. Uh huh...I know my stuff, am more than physically capable of doing it, have a brain the size of a planet but sadly I don't have some poncy degree in environmental science to back it up. Makes me laugh, kiddy at a nearby bird reserve took great pains telling me how he had studied something like 'grassland management' but when I rather naughtily quizzed him had no idea what was making a right old racket in the trees.......(blackbird by the way, common as muck and easily identified)
In the meantime, decent bike followed by run yesterday in the freezing cold, got some excellent pool time in today after an hour with evil Pammy (the kettle weight queen haha) Finally shifted the goo from chest infection although I did start to splutter and hurt a bit around the 750m stage. Still utter rubbish at swimming.
Am supposed to be doing a novice tri this Sunday coming but..the illness put me about a fortnight out and quite honestly, I just don't feel like doing it right now.
Next !
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