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lofty goals
lofty goals
Hi...I am very new to triathlon, well actually to any sport. Did a try-a-tri in September 09 and caught the bug. Not sure at this point what the end goal is....just enjoying the ride!

Countdown On - 12 weeks to 1st race

Trevervaby TrevervaMar 8th 2010
So my planned training sessions for the first race of the season on May 31st begin today. I now have at least 1 activity for each day so I anticipate a few internal debates on some days to get going but I will work through them. The hardest days will be to convince myself that I need to go out when its raining, or worse--snowing! Everything in my plan can be moved indoors if it has to so I really have no excuses.

Begining today with a one hour pool swim with my club will be an easy transition as that is normal on a Monday and Wednesday anyway. Incidentally, I am now up to between 1500 and 1700 meters each session so I am very pleased with my progress. I have discovered that I am definately not the fastest swimmer; however, I have staying power so I can keep going. The bit I am really looking forward to this week is Saturday going for my first long bike ride (well long for me as a beginner anyway). I hope that the weather cooperates as I really don't want to go back to the stationary bike as that does get bery boring after a while. Right now the forecast for Saturday is +2 but with 5 cms of snow but it is early in the week so that can always change again by the weekend.

My daughter will be joining our club practice for this week only as she is visiting from Quebec so that will make this week a particularly pleasurable one for me and will give her an opportunity to learn some new techniques too as she has been training by herself for months. On Tuesday if the weather is ok we can even take in a short bike ride together as her bike is still at my place anyway. We shall see.

Here's wishing for a great week of training both for myself and anyone else reading this!
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