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lofty goals
lofty goals
Hi...I am very new to triathlon, well actually to any sport. Did a try-a-tri in September 09 and caught the bug. Not sure at this point what the end goal is....just enjoying the ride!

Credit Union Lung Run

Trevervaby TrevervaApr 11th 2010
Yesterday started a new chapter in my tri career. Having been swimming 3 or 4 times a week since the beginning of October I am now very comfortable in the pool. My new bike is awesome and I have even added a couple of accessories plus I am satisfied with my progress so that just leaves running. In an effort to step up the effort in the running component I signed up for a 5k run in Halifax yesterday.

After last weeks soaring temperatures it was back to a more normal 6 degrees celsius yesterday. It was quite windy and had been raining off and on all day. The race stared at 4:30 in the afternoon and was downtown with part of the race going along the harbourfront (so pretty chilly). That's the challenging part of my storey, now for the motivating!

One of my coworkers (who also happens to be the same age as my kids!) volunteered to run with me and provide encouragement. He regularly runs so I understood that in offering to do this he was not out to improve his own running ability this day. He was wonderful!

There was over 500 runners and when we started we quickly started weaving in and out from the back of the pack until it opened up enough that we had some space. My buddy asked me to run at my pace and he would keep at my speed (he knew I would never be able to keep up with his). To my shock I was not at the very back and before I knew it we were at the 1km marker. I had never run an entire kilometer without stopping before! However, my legs were getting very tired and my breathing heavy so I walked but only for 10 seconds. My buddy gave me the 10 seconds and then encouraged me to run again.

For the next 2km this was how it went. The good news is that my walking periods were kept at the 10 second mark. As we were coming up to the 3k marker there was a hill to climb (not huge but a hill none-the-less). I wanted to walk up it but my buddy suggested that instead I should shorten my stride and keep running. So I did...and to my utter dismay I ran up the hill!

Of course the downside of the hill I felt quite confident and started to really lengthen my stride but he suggested that I not go too much as I would tire too quickly. Again I took his advice and although by the 4k marker I was getting very tired he kept reminding me that we were almost done and that I was doing great.

As we rounded the last turn so that the finish line was in sight I felt a great sense of accomplishment and realized that I was going to be able to finish this. As we were nearing the end he said to me that we were going to sprint in the final 100 meters. I said that I didn't think I could do that and he suggested that he thought I could......and guess what......I did!

5k in 36 minutes and 15 seconds will not break any records for most people but for me it was an awesome feeling. I achieved something that I never thought I could do and I certanly would not have done that had it not been for my buddy. Thank You!
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, Apr 11th 2010 16:58
congratulations, there's no better feeling than seeing the finish line knowing that however heavy your legs feel and well done on kicking the hills up the a**e it's the only way to beat them and always remember what goes up must come down.

well done. when's the next one?
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