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lofty goals
lofty goals
Hi...I am very new to triathlon, well actually to any sport. Did a try-a-tri in September 09 and caught the bug. Not sure at this point what the end goal is....just enjoying the ride!

It's been a good week

Trevervaby TrevervaJan 10th 2010
So the club spin session went reasonably well. I stayed at the back so I could go at a slower pace if necessary but I think I actually kept up pretty well. Once I got used to being on my bike indoors and having confidence that the bike would actually stay upright I settled in to the session. I took two containers of water, which was just as well as I really needed them. Next time I will take some grapes or something similar as I could feel my energy level draining the longer we went on. An hour and a half workout was long but I felt ok at the end of it. I had taken a hard boiled egg with me which I ate as soon as I was done and that helped to get my energy level back up again.

This morning I was back in the pool for an hour and managed 1.5k at a steady pace and stopping in between some of the sets. This is the first week that I have done some form of training every day and I am quite proud of myself for achieving that. I am moving it around so that I am not doing too much of one thing and give myslef some time to recoup.

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