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Looking for suitable Vision Correction for Triathlon?

TriBlogsby TriBlogsMar 21st 2013

Guest Post: Looking for suitable vision correction options for Triathlon? Read on for more information...

The benefits of having clear, strong vision are important in virtually every type of athletic activity. For triathletes this means being able to observe and react to surroundings and circumstances in the most efficient way possible. Some of us do not have naturally perfect vision, and there are several corrective vision options for athletes. Some opt to wear glasses or prescription sports goggles, while others prefer contact lenses.

Triathlon is a very versatile sport, and calls for a corrective vision option that works well with each of the disciplines and transitions from swimming to biking, to running. Many triathletes opt for contact lenses such as Acuvue over other options. Here are a few of the specific reasons why.
Looking for suitable Vision Correction for Triathlon?
Peripheral Vision

Athletes need to be able to observe and react to their surroundings, and this is particularly important in a sport like triathlon. Whether safely negotiating terrains, or keeping track of other competitors, triathletes need to have a full range of vision, and in many cases options like glasses and goggles take away from this range. Specifically, contact lenses offer more complete peripheral vision and may be better than the alternatives.

Clear Vision

Perhaps the biggest potential issue with using exterior lenses such as goggles or glasses is that your vision can become obstructed. It may be raindrops or water splatter, or even scratches or other effects from surrounding elements. Whatever the case, exterior lenses can be scratched, damaged, and smudged, whereas contact lenses should remain clear under any circumstances. Ultimately, contacts in this sense offer you the most consistent clarity, allowing you to enjoy the race.

Versatile Potential

Finally, contact lenses may be preferred by triathletes due to their versatility. While glasses and goggles can be switched for prescription swimming goggles for the swimming discipline, but this can be one more hassle to keep track of during a race. With contact lenses, athletes have the freedom to wear swimming goggles while swimming, and even sunglasses while running or cycling. This versatility can be valuable and provides simplicity during a difficult race.
Looking for suitable Vision Correction for Triathlon?
PennyHby member: PennyH, Mar 25th 2013 16:22
Always getting told off by my optician for swimming in my goggles. He is giving in, on the proviso I take them out and clean them after avery pool swim, and soak then after every open water swim! People do need to be aware of the risk of eye infections.
PennyHby member: PennyH, Mar 25th 2013 16:22
oops, meant contact lenses, wearing goggles!!
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