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TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper
TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper


TriHardAlanby TriHardAlanMar 3rd 2017
When I posted the last Blog and resolved to write one every month I actually thought what am I going to write about next time? The only thing I had planned was a half marathon which I didn’t think I would do. And didn’t.

But this in itself is hopefully a positive rather than a negative. As a one off decision it means nothing. But as a start for forming better habits, well, maybe, just maybe I can be a little pleased with myself. Too often in these situations, undertrained and lacking the mileage in the legs, I have raced anyway with a “fortune favours the brave” or it will be alright on the night” type attitude. And on occasions it has. But often it has not and led to injury instead. This time I was able to look at it objectively and make a logical decision. The calf injury over xmas and beginning of January meant I hadn’t been able to build up my mileage beyond 13k and that seemed like a big leap up to 21k and for what? There was never going to be a PB, it was only ever a tester event. That I can do at the tail end of the season and instead right now, concentrate on getting back up to speed for my actual race season targets. For which I have time but not lots of it by any means.

But this got me thinking about other areas of my training that could maybe benefit from more control. For example, I have embarked on a 3 hard 1 easy week routine, which has worked previously but is it the right thing to do? Did it really work previously or was the improvement gained for other reasons? Do my sessions follow the right pattern, ie should I be swimming after I run? Do I have enough rest days in my schedule? Having just completed 23 days of consecutive training, some might say no. But the fear of not doing enough easily overpowers a tired body and mind to plough on when maybe I shouldn’t. And of course like any other long distance athlete I am a creature of habit and wary of change. But the more I thought about it the more questions I started to ask myself and realized I have never really looked thoroughly for answers but instead have carried on in my usual smart Alec know it all manner.

At the same time the Thames Turbo Development Squad embarked on a partnership with Speedy Swimming run by Nick De Meyer and one of the services offered is coaching so with the race season approaching I decided to sign up with Nick and I am now a coached athlete. I am looking forward to working with Nick and seeing what potential I have across the 3 disciplines and working towards my targets for 2017.

At the very least I will have something to write about in the April Blog :-)
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