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TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper
TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper

Post Roth and Sponsorship

TriHardAlanby TriHardAlanAug 4th 2013
Normally after a race I like to write a report to try and capture some of the emotion of the moment and for my club and work friends I did do this after Roth which was my A race for the season. But the overriding feeling then, and indeed during the race, was never again. Whilst I had my best IM swim by 6 minutes and bike by 12 minutes the run was a disaster. After starting out hoping for 10.30 and finishing in 11.37 after a 4.34 run the disappointment was crushing. A strong word to describe a disappointing race maybe? Well, I was so down about the race for the next couple of weeks I managed to give myself ulcers, which in itself is ridiculous. So, 3 weeks on, and with some time to get some perspective has my resolve to never do another IM weakened at all?

No, not one iota. The reasoning is simple. I believe the cause of the bad time at Roth was twofold; nutrition/hydration and bike pacing. The second is an easy fix but the first is not. To resolve this I would need to spend another 6 to 7 months of my life training for another one and spending some extensive time experimenting to find something that works for me. Simply, I struggle to take on enough carbs to fuel me for that length of time. I suspect the carbs drinks leave me bloated and I may be better of drinking water and getting my carbs from gels/bars and salt from sticks. But again, do I want to invest another 6/7 months to find out? No. I will concentrate on Olympic distance next season with a couple of half IM to see if I can improve at those distances.

Talking of Olympic distance, I decided to enter one on a whim two weeks after Roth. Sensible? Probably not as itĀ's also two weeks before the World Duathlon Age Group Championships. But I had ran a couple of times by then, including an 11 mile set of intervals, and felt a controlled hard effort, as opposed to eye balls out, would help lift the post Roth gloom and be beneficial to shake of the short course cobwebs. And despite the dubious timing, I expected a PB. With a 3.30 alarm call I set of to Emberton Park to enter the MK Tri on the day ready for a 7 am start. 2 Hours and 21 minutes later I had recorded 29 mins for the swim, 1.09 for the bike and 39.50 for the run for a pleasing PB. I really should have gone sub 2.20 as I held back a little on a couple of the bike descents due to some heavy cross winds making me nervous with my new deep rim wheels and could have ran harder too but a six minute PB was a nice pick me up. Next season, will make sub 2.15 a primary target.

Next up, Ottawa. Just one week away now. Hugely excited to represent GB again. Hadnt given it much thought before Roth but we are here now, IĀ'm injury free and whilst my run pace could be a little better and is certainly of what it was at this time next year I feel strong on the bike and confident I will run well, especially of the bike.

I am also very pleased to announce that my journey to Ottawa and to the World Aquathon Championships in Hyde Park are being kindly sponsored by my employers WorleyParsons Europe Limited ( IĀ'm very excited they are supporting me on these journeys and look forward to their support to help me perform to the best of my ability at both events.
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