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Outlaw 2012 Training Started 5th Dec 2010!!

Intro from TriMadMan45

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Dec 6th 2011
I am a keen triathelte who has signed up for Outlaw 2012. Training plan in hand (well downloaded and set on BB) it all kicked off yesterday. A short sharp run of 5miles at lunchtime followed up with a 2.7km swim at night. Day one down and still feeling good - lets see how it feels when at the end of a 20hour training week. I will be adding updates as the trianing progresses and let everyone know how I am feeling and passing on any knowledge / experiences which I think may be useful to other triatheletes. All the best to eveyone else doing Outlaw 2012 and any other short / middle / long distcance races in 2012.

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