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Outlaw 2012 Training Started 5th Dec 2010!!

The Story So Far

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Dec 12th 2011
I am now 1 week into Outlaw training and have not managed as much as expected. Due to poor weather and other family commitments it¬'s been a struggle. Just managed a 30minute sprint session with some ex-colleagues indoors which is excellent - not sure how the new tenants will like it when we continue to run up and down their new office corridor! Swim session all sorted for tonight with more club members attending (Pentland Triathletes) to make it an un-official club session. Drive back again to up the mileage on the turbo which while being boring as a necessary evil if I am to make it to the finish of Outlaw come the 17th hour on July 1st. Weekend swim and run sessions with the club were great and we even managed to get a stretch of road for sprints which was relatively clear of snow and ice. Roll on the holidays for some extra swim and cycle sessions while the running ticks along.
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