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Jules Richards
Jules Richards

Consistency Consistency Consistency

Triharder78by Triharder78Aug 12th 2012
So, spending two weeks in the east of London whilst the Olympics went on around me turned out to be somewhat of a blessing with regards my training. I've been struggling to get into my running of late, partly because I felt too heavy to run and I love riding my new tri bike which has resulted in my times becoming quite stagnant (no surprises there then!). Being land locked with no bike meant the only training I could do was running, luckily the place we were staying was by Hackney Marshes and the Lee Vallly canal system which meant lots of flat fast runs.

Just building consistency into my running I have felt the improvements, I set a new 5km PB and got below 18 minutes for the first time ever, and considering I've been trying to do that for about 2 years it's quite an achievement.

Now as I sit here at home watching the closing ceremony of what can only be described as a colossally successful Olympic Games I'm filled with a desire to train harder than ever. With only 10 weeks to go till show time in New Zealand (my very own mini Olympics) I feel that time is short to make the improvements needed across all my disciplines, especially with my first teaching post rapidly approaching.

As much as I have enjoyed rekindling my love for running I am very much looking forward to spending some decent time on my bike and in the pool and becoming a fully rounded 'athlete' again. I'm interested to see how much my new core and flexibility programme has increased my swim and bike performance as it is obviously paying dividends with my running.

I did manage to get out on my bike tonight for the first time in over two weeks and I have to say it felt amazing, right up to the bit where a bee flew into my ear whilst I was doing 35kph and then things took a turn for the more interesting. Managed not to fall off but in my panic managed to jam my heel into my back wheel and buckle it, the bee escaped unharmed as did my ear but unfortunately not the bike so it's off for a well overdue service tomorrow and it'll be back on the roadie for the time being. Hopefully I can get some less eventful rides in over the next week!

Signing off for now, enjoy your training and remember when you think you're a little too tired to train or the weather isn't quite right...what would Mo do?
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RunRun2h:14m (73%) 31.9km
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sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Aug 16th 2012 13:25
Can't believe a bee flew into your ear on the bike! Was it the buzz that alerted you?

Hope the new core and flexibility programme pays off :-)
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