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Jules Richards
Jules Richards

Time Flies!

Triharder78by Triharder78Sep 1st 2012
Well it's been nearly 3 weeks since my last post, frustratingly I had written one but when I went to post it it got wiped and I didn't have the energy to re-write it. A fair amount has happened since the last time I wrote, I had a properly solid week of training which felt great, then on a Sunday two weeks ago I managed to pick up stomach flu which started on the Sunday and continued to cause me issues till the Wednesday (I think it was slightly prolonged as I buried my head in the sand and continued to train, getting in a solid 3km swim set and a 50km ride!). I felt much better come the Thursday but with Malmesbury tri on the following Sunday I was out of time for hard training and we went to see some friends in Wales for a relaxing couple of days sightseeing and eating good food. Unfortunately my stomach bug returned with a vengeance on the Saturday meaning no sleep and no energy come the dawn of Malmesbury so I couldn't race, it also put my out of action for the annual Baltonsborough 5 mile road race (the only purely running race I do and one I use to gauge how my training is going, last year going sub 30 minutes for the first time, I'm certain I could have bettered my time this year) instead of competing I had to stand on the finish line and cheer the other competitors crossing the line sweating and gasping for air, wishing i could have joined them.

The break has however seem to have done me some good, i was due an easy week anyway (although a complete rest from training for over a week wasn't exactly what I had in mind!) It has allowed me to concentrate on my new job that I start on Monday, something that actually is far more nerve wracking than competing in the world championships. The start of the new term has somewhat snuck up on me (as is the world champs - being only 6 weeks till I fly!). I've been into school to sort my new classroom out, now i need to try and get back into the head space of planning and teaching lessons, not easy after a 10 week break! Hopefully I'll be able to strike the right balance of work, home life and training to allow me to perform my best in NZ whilst doing my very best at school.

Being the last weekend of the holidays I decided that a race was in order so I'm down here in Cornwall getting ready for Perranporth tomorrow, I've been out for a run and a ride since getting down here on Thursday and the break from training really has helped allowed me to compensate for the training I've done in the previous weeks. Perranporth is a race known for it's hard swim, hilly bike and torturous beach/cliff/beach run, it's longer than anything else I've done this season but I figure if I can race well here it'll set me up well mentally going into the end of the season.

Hopefully I'll be writing a short post tomorrow to comment on the race.
Time Flies!
SwimSwim2h:47m (16%) 8.5km
BikeBike8h:04m (48%) 240.7km
RunRun6h:07m (36%) 84km
Stats for: Aug 5th 2012 to Today (28 days)
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Sep 1st 2012 11:15
Good luck in your race tomorrow!
Triharder78by blog author: Triharder78, Sep 1st 2012 16:32
Tanks Sarah, it's been 5 years since I tackled Perranporth lat, hope there's been some Improvement!
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