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I'm not training!

WeeManby WeeManSep 11th 2012
So when do we cross the line between training and not training? Does not training mean literally doing no exercise? This is the dilemma that I've been faced with since completing my A race in Ireland...

I had decided that after racing 70.3 Ireland, regardless of the outcome, I would take a couple of months 'off' to let my body and mind (and family) recover from a hard season. The day following the race, apart from being so excited that I woke up at 4am, went to plan as definitely a do nothing except drive home day. The next day, my first back at work, was okay too as my legs were satisfyingly sore, telling me I'd put in a good effort in Galway. Then the next day, day three of being 'off' was when I started to wonder if I really wanted to spend two months being off. I compromised on an easy ride with my son who is a 13 year old 'ex-triathlete' and despite not having done much recently he was quite keen to test his old Dad! The following day I swam easy, then took a day off. Saturday I joined my local cycling club for their (un)leisurely cafe ride and Sunday I spent the day doing some of the diy jobs I've avoided the past 10 months. So far this week I've ridden again with my son and had a lunch time swim.

I think if I told a non-triathlete what I've done - 6/7 hours of exercise in a week they would definitely say I've been 'training'. I think the key to not training is to forget the plan that we are slaves to for most of the year. Mine has been stuck everywhere I spend a significant amount of time - on my office wall, at home in the kitchen, by the computer and in the garage for the turbo sessions (my wife would probably say there should have been one in the toilet too but we won't go there).

In my 'off' two months I'll probably ride three times a week and swim two or three. I'm definitely taking at least two weeks off running as I need to let a long term injury heal. I'll also do some core and strength work. But I won't schedule any sessions in, except maybe the Saturday morning group cafe ride. Instead I'll go with what I feel like because I'm not training and there is no plan. That's the 'plan' anyway...

If you have any thoughts on this please leave a comment - it would be great to hear how you manage not training. The triblogs team have now added functionality for guests to comment too so you don't have to be a member to leave a comment.
by guest: TRIingToChange, Sep 12th 2012 13:27
I had the same feeling after finishing my 70.3 this year. I was down to one (less intense) workout a day and sometimes took more than one rest day a week. My friends reminded me that that's what "normal" people usually do but it's hard to adjust to that after doing so much more than that. It's been three months since my A race and I still feel "lazy". I feel like I don't do enough quality workouts without a training plan to follow though. I just hired a coach and am starting to train for a 140.6 next year so I'm sure I will look back and wish for "lazy" days!
WeeManby blog author: WeeMan, Sep 12th 2012 22:24
Yes for me the plan is key - and a plan for each and every session is even more key.
Good luck with the full ironman and new coach.
by guest: Darin Armstrong, Sep 22nd 2012 07:43
Hello Justin,
Just a quick message to ask if you would be interested in a ‘mutual’ following on twitter. I am currently following you now and am awaiting for your follow-back. (#FYI I do RT’s ‘anytime’ for all #Triathletes #Cyclists #UltraRunners & #Marathoners who follow me on Twitter and have something 'important' they want mentioned…)

All the very best for the rest of 2012 and beyond Justin. Look forward to hearing from you…

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