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The Tuffman was bloody tuff

WezJones1by WezJones1Feb 9th 2010
The Tuffman was bloody tuff
Crickey that was hard.

First race of the season. The Tuffman off road duathlon organised by Human Race. 10km off road run, 16km MTB and 5km run.

Game plan was to try and get in a good position on the run and try and hold it on the bike and final run.

First run went really well and I reckon I was in the top 10 and feeling comfortable.

Onto the bike and tucked in behind someone. Passed him on the first hill (good sign) and then we turned onto the single track. It was at this point (and numerous other points of the route) i realised that i can't mountain bike. Technically I am crap. So about 15 blokes passed me. Gutted. On the plus point when we did get back onto a wider track I started to pull people back.

The second run went well and i clawed bcak about 4 places.

21st overall out of about 200. Can't complain and this tuffy will see me right for the rest of the season.

Its in the bank lads. Bring on the Tourmalet.....
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