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Wilko's Blog
Wilko's Blog
So, I am a swimmer turned triathlete!

Swimming is obviously ok, biking not too bad but needs some strength work, running is my kryptonite!

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Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko Jun 29th 2009
I found it hard to get motivated last week, not sure why. I feel better this week. Basically all swimming for the past week, with I suppose some impromtu hill sets on saturday running after scouts that can't read maps! The weekend coming wil...
Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko Jun 22nd 2009
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What a poor training week. I was in London again last week and away for the weekend on a driving holiday in Scotland. There were some awesome roads up there though so may be a need for a visit with the bike in the f...
Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko Jun 15th 2009
An easy week last week, and limited again due to work. A good ride on Friday night with the guys from Thornbury Running Club, when I caught up with them. I am having some issues with punctures, and inner tubes. I am starting to wonder if it is m...
Wilkoby Wilko Jun 11th 2009
Photos taken by the official photographers at Blenheim palace: Race Photos Finishline video: Finishline Video Bib Number - 4048....
Next Tri Target Time
Wilkoby Wilko Jun 9th 2009
OK, so a learning experience from Blenheim..... My splits from the timing system are: Swim (750m) 11:23 T1 4:03 Bike (19.7km) 27:17 (2 laps, second lap half with punture) T2 1:37 Run (5.2km)...
Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko Jun 8th 2009
I would currently love to be posting a great little report here about how I nailed Blenheim, but alas it is not to be. I stood by the car with my kit and considered what I will be taking with me. I did not forget to take my bike to transition, but ...
Post of the week
Wilkoby Wilko Jun 1st 2009
It is 6 days to go until my first proper triathlon at Blenheim Palace. I am doing the sprint tri, 750m/19.3km/5.2km. I am not sure how I will do, but I have looked at the results from last year and I am aiming for 1:20:00, split as 10 mins/38 mins/...
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