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Wilko's Blog
So, I am a swimmer turned triathlete!

Swimming is obviously ok, biking not too bad but needs some strength work, running is my kryptonite!

Maximal Heart Rate Test

Wilkoby WilkoJul 1st 2009
Max heart rate test at swimming tomorrow, got to make sure I have a good food day to make sure I am properly fuelled. Not looking forward to it, apparently it is just a little painful.....
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eggmanby member: eggman, Jul 2nd 2009 13:57
Yo dude, you still doing the Hardwick tri on the 16th?
Wilkoby blog author: Wilko, Jul 2nd 2009 14:18
I am not sure, it is looking unlikely. It is currently my plan to move to Liverpool in August, so I think I need to settle myself in there. You doing it?
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