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I'm Amy Fawcett, 14 years old. I compete in the south east region for triathlon. I'm not that great and I have never been to the inter regional championships, but this is my blog! :P

Hillingdon Duathlon

amzieby amzieMar 25th 2012
I won the Hillingdon Duathlon today! :D V. tiring as it's 5 laps on the bike. Next year I will have to do seven laps, as I will be in the youth category (each lap is about a mile). My little sister, Orla came second, about 30 seconds behind me. We'll be racing against each other all season as we're in the same triathlon age group this year :D
Basketball Match against Harringey Angels
amzieby amzie Feb 25th 2012
Well we lost 57-22, but we gave them a better match than last year, where they beat us by 100 points! We've improved a lot, but it was a shame that we only had six players so a the end of the match everyone was completely exhausted! we all enjoyed i...
County Schools Race at Hughenden Valley!
amzieby amzie Feb 24th 2012
In the race at Hughenden on Wednesday I came 11th :D The course was quite hilly though, and I think that if I hadn't gone so hard at basketball training the night before, I would've done better - maybe next time I'll taper :D anyway, here's an a...
Dropped out of the last Chiltern cross country league :(
amzieby amzie Feb 13th 2012
Saturday was the last Cross country league match, in wing. It was freezing, and as I came down the hill, I twisted my ankle. Tried to continue running up the hill but couldn't run fast, and then fell over coming back down the hill. Bit of a depressi...
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