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Welcome to my training blog. As you'll see I'm no elite athlete however I've set myself the goal of completing next years London Triathlon and intend to give it a good shot.

A steady run

andyjjonesby andyjjonesNov 15th 2009
Did a steady 5k run this morning, I can assure you nothing gets the publics attention more then a runner with double knee support! They look at you as if your the Bionic Man.

The insoles are going to take alot of getting used to, as there designed to counter my natural running form which is root cause of all my injuries this year. As they say 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.

I'm going to do some circuit training at the Gym tomorrow to build my strength and stamina up,then start the swimming the following week.
karmenrby member: karmenr, Nov 16th 2009 08:48
Once in a while I let my knees tape someway like that:
Last time I went also swimming like that and you can imagine how people was looking at me:)
But without these tapes, there is times when it's impossible to run without them.
andyjjonesby blog author: andyjjones, Nov 16th 2009 20:36
The wrong choice of footwear and my determination to set a PB (even on a training run) has been my downfall. I'm going to do strength work for a few weeks then start training for a triathlon.

I purchased a patella band last week and it seems to be the most effective of the 4 different knee supports that I've purchased.
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