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Welcome to my training blog. As you'll see I'm no elite athlete however I've set myself the goal of completing next years London Triathlon and intend to give it a good shot.

In the the begining.....

andyjjonesby andyjjonesNov 13th 2009
Well after a rather frustrating injury plagued summer I've had to seek the advice of experts (the final straw being last months DNF in the Cardiff Half Marathon).

After seeing a Physiotherapist and then a Podiatrist it has been decided that the root cause of my pained expressions and colourful language is Patellar Tendonitis. The solution (hopefully) being a set of custom inserts for my running shoes. They may have been expensive, but I'd have happily paid triple the price for a guaranteed fix. Watch this space.

So here goes I am determined not to fall flat on my face ;-)
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