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Club ride

boomclarenby boomclarenOct 31st 2009
First club ride in a while after being in yeovil for the past 9 weeks, but didn't go for a while before that either.

Started with the hill climb time-trial which nicely opened up the lungs for the rest of the day, felt it in the legs a bit too, no idea what time i got, but definitely room to improve haven't done many hills recently and today certainly blew away a few cobwebs.

then went out with the medium pace guys for about 40 miles, felt really good but think my bike seat was a little low as feeling it a bit in the patella this evening. rumbled along for a while then came the decision whether to do Dundry hill or not, having never done it before i agreed that we hadn't really done enough and we should do it with the idea in my mind "how bad can it be?". well it was a little tough, my main problem was that my front mech refused to pop my chain off the big chain ring making my climb particularly slow on the cadence front, but the views from the top were worth it.

anyway must go to more group rides in a bid to become a slightly more sociable club member.
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