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Just a nice sometimes not consistently updated view of my running cycling and (fingers crossed) swimming


boomclarenby boomclarenJul 1st 2009
Fun is probably not the best choice of word....

first day properly using a fixed gear bike. built it up from other parts, got the most important bit (the wheel) from a mate then the frame from my brother, the front wheel was my replaced road bike front wheel and had an old brake lever from a sale at some point. anyway spent most of the time cycling it forgetting that it was a fixed gear, therefore nearly dislocated my knee every time that i tried to freewheel but it was awesome.

Definitely my new run around bike, and it's light enough to use as a good training bike.

anyway must work now.

Oh and swimming the other day, knocked off a quick 100 lengths...i wish, it was painful to see everyone who is good at swimming in the fast lane next to me just breezing by. and i clubbed my heel on the wall tumble-turning, still not quite pro at that.
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