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Ooh it's getting chilly

boomclarenby boomclarenNov 30th 2009
Well hellooooo winter.

properly cold now, and i've become the house motivator to get people out in the weather when the prospect of dinner in front of the tv sounding like a much more attractive option. I can't pretend to be completely brave and exposing myself to the elements at every available option...I have chosen the turbo trainer several nights, but that's not exactly enjoying oneself now is it.

my housemates have gotten a little bit bored with their regular running routes (round the downs in bristol EVERY time) and i've been trying to convince them to sample a bit of trail running out in leigh woods for some time now, well yesterday was the day. we decided (whilst in the pub the night before) to go on a house run to leigh woods, in the morning i gave them all the start time so they couldn't continually put it off, sods law that as 2pm came around the corner the heavens had already been open for a good few hours putting a slight dampener on their enthusiasm. but i kicked them out into the rain.

30 mins in and they weren't complaining so i felt like we could go and get a bit dirtier so we left the path well and truly behind running through the trees, under branches, across and along streams, bit of climbing, sprinting, was wicked and they both enjoyed it a lot too. The brilliant thing with leigh woods is that it's pretty impossible to get lost, even off the paths, keep running in a straight(-ish) line and you'll find one of the main paths again.

It really reminded me (not that i'd forgotten) how enjoyable running is, the woods were like an adult adventure playground, didn't even feel like a work-out. though my legs definitely thought it was when we got back.

then we let ourselves sit down in front of the tv with some freshly home-made mulled wine, good sunday.
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