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Swift half marathon

boomclarenby boomclarenMay 19th 2009
last weekend was the swift half marathon in the peak district in derbyshire, quite a way to go for a run but felt it was definitely worth it after the race.

finished work for the week in gloucester, a little stressed as have a few exams in the very near future. train back to bristol then drove ali and myself up to rowsley near matlock where the race was due to start.

camped the night before, not the best pre-race prep as it rained all night and there were some very noisy people a few tents away, so it all resulted in about 2 hours of sleep.

anyway, eventually got to the start line of the race and politely nudged my way to near the front, the track to start was pretty thin so it was quite necessary to get up there, anyway after the horn to start us i got a little carried away and raced as far forwards as is could then latched onto someone who looked like they knew what they were doing. It all went well and 6 miles in i felt strong so just carried on, there were some savage downhills which gave my dodgy ankle no end of trouble but nearing the finish line i felt strong enough to try a bit of a sprint to pick off a couple of runners ahead of me, nearly got to them.

in the end i finished 14th out of about 300 with a pb of 1:27:42 which i was pretty chuffed about
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