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taunton marathon

boomclarenby boomclarenApr 11th 2010
well it wasn't fun but i'm relatively pleased with the result. set out trying to be very disciplined and hold my pace at 7:40 (i hadn't decided on this beforehand, got 6 miles in at comfy pace and it happened to be stuck there.) first loop felt really good, soooo instead of being nice and disciplined i decided to see how many people i could overtake, THIS IS NOT THE PLAN i kept saying to myself THIS IS TO SEE HOW YOU"RE GOING TO RUN YOUR IRONMAN MARATHON....after a few strong words with myself i slowed down and finished in 3:30 which was my planned time before the race.

now the course was beautiful, out into the somerset countryside with lots of "farm air" to fill the runners lungs, so for the first lap it was great....someone had foolishly decided to introduce a strong headwind for a 3 mile stretch from mile 9 to 12, and several steep hills also around that mileage made it very fun for the second loop.

all in all a lovely sunday, bit stiff now, but that's pretty much to be expected....i think i'm on track for the outlaw in august.

on another note, bit annoyed the olympic distance duathlon is cancelled next weekend, but it may make my legs hate me less.

happy training
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