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Those sessions

boomclarenby boomclarenDec 18th 2009
Well first time for a bit that I've had to write, not that I ever really put anything of note down.

Last day of work today and now I've got 2 weeks off which is a truly delightful feeling.

Anyway instad of inputting my training data onto triblogs I've been jotting it down in a notepad which is imaginatively called "Ironman training log", to me having something on paper serves a few purposes, having everything down makes you feel good about the amount of training you do which makes you less inclined to ease off the training as large gaps look bad (on a screen it never looks so bad), it also means you can jot it down when you're internet is playing up (the main reason i started writing it down), it does mean however that when i do input it onto triblogs, which i will, it'll take me an age.

Recently I;ve been doing more swimming and turbo training than running. minimum of an hour a day on the bike and increasing the volume on the swim, actually did ironman distance swim in the pool the other day which was soul-crushingly boring but a good confidence boost knowing that i can manage the distance, i know open water will be a different matter but for me it's nice to know that i can do the distance, but.........i still don't really know what i'm doing in the pool, i've read so many different things about what to do but when i've been going for a while i find myself in some kind of rhythm but i'm just wind-milling my arms and don't even get me started on the legs...anyway when i finally get the balls to go with the tri-club i'm sure someone will nudge me in the right direction.

Had an awesome run last night, snowed a bit on me and it was cooold, but snuck in 11 miles before dinner and felt really smooth and comfortable, the best part of it was that at home i really didn't want to go, i think it's those sessions that turn out to be the best, as soon as you're out of the house you have to carry on and make the most of it. you've already won a little mental battle against yourself and they always seem to be the most rewarding sessions.

But i'm off for 2 weeks hoping to get a lot of miles under my belt with no work to do. I'm not sure where to go with my running, should i try to run within myself knowing that in an ironman run i'll be running slower than normal? or keep at my normal pace (around 7mins/mile)? i just find it particularly difficult to force myself to run slower...any tips?

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