so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Clipping 'eck! I hit the SPDs with 23 weeks to go

charlieeliseby charlieeliseApr 16th 2012
Well Easter was fun! Went visiting family and took my running shoes. Of course I didn't do as many workouts as I'd have liked but realistically I knew it would be the case. But I did get out and it was good to run somewhere else. The really good news was that on Good Friday I took my new double sided SPD pedals out to the park, along with my cycle shoes. I wore trainers there and changed into the shoes. After staring at the ground for a long time I finally gathered the nerve to clip in first with my right foot, and eventually my left, and did some drills in the park. I felt so confident that I decided to cycle the two miles home clipped in. I took it easy but I did ok! By the time I got down the bottom of my road it almost felt normal.

Since then I've been commuting to work in them. I was nervous after Easter weekend - it was also my birthday and I had dinner with a friend the night after - so I didn't actually commute in them until Thursday, but I was exhilarated that I managed to do it! 

I took a couple of days off - one was a legit rest day on Monday and one was my birthday so just laziness. I went out for a short run on the Wednesday, then was back in the pool on Thursday. It was great to be back in the water. I know, I'm an addict! I was a bit frustrated as I kept catching the guys in front but that's how it can be sometimes on a good day. We did some sprints and a lot of work on kick. I feel like I'm getting the kick finally - I'm beginning to feel a rhythm sometimes which I think is the right one. Either way I think it's promising.

Friday I did spin. Maxed out the bike, had a great time, got lots of praise, have become teacher's pet. Oh dear. 

Saturday I completely ruined myself by doing a long run. I warmed up, did my activations and ran for 40 minutes. I did some sprints in this time and tried to remember my drills. I followed it up with 120 step ups, because Harriet said I should do some... I wondered if I should do more because it felt a bit easy, but I thought I'd leave it for the day. I stretched and that was it. Later that day I started feeling stiff and knew I was in for it! 

Sunday I was feeling very sore but I had a cycle training session with Richard Collier -@Spinmonk. He's a giant pedalling muscle machine, but very nice with it. Once I'd finally found the spin studio, we did spin drills on single legs - with unclipping, to help get me accustomed to it - and some cadence and pedal stroke work. I've been trying to put it into practice today. It was interesting to note that my hypermobility does affect the cycling as well. I have to watch my right knee, or at least think about it otherwise it bends inwards! 

I've become so confident on the pedals that I've continued cycling into work in them. This is a huge step so as you can imagine I'm pretty pleased! Winning... So far!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Apr 20th 2012 09:04
Oh yes a breakthrough! Well done :o)
charlieeliseby blog author: charlieelise, Apr 20th 2012 18:53
Thanks Sarah!
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