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so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Pride comes before a fall...

charlieeliseby charlieeliseJun 17th 2011
My confidence has grown on the bike to the point where I was getting reckless which led to a little crash and a stupid fall while out brick training.

I get to 30km/h and above often these days - which I never used to hit, ever, before. So I was drinking from my bottle on the cyclepath at 22km/h last night and I saw a junction ahead plus some people and dogs (the most unpredictable of lane wanderers, but tell their owners that at your peril). So, I figured, might need to brake, put bottle back. Missed. Try again, missed. Nearly there now, missed. What the hell? Rammed bottle in vauge area of cage, looked down for too long, panicked, went sideways.

Scraped across path and hit grass verge. Hand was in cage so at least I couldn't put it out to do more damage and I fell on my thigh although my knee took a big impact. My legs have bruising from the frame, crank and in an exact replica of the metal. So I was lying there on the path, my riding companion in a right state because of the noise I'd made. First thought - my knee is bleeding. That's going to be inconvenient. Second - if I've hurt Hecate I'm really in trouble. But no, she was fine, my thighs had cushioned her and wheels were true. took me a while to put the chain back on mind. My brain was addled by shock I think!

Anyway I got back on, got over my embarrassment and cycled on - and did a 2.5km run. Average speed was about 10% higher than it has been and apart from that little incident it was a good workout.

When I got home I cleaned up my now skinless knee. I bled on my trainer a bit as well, but they are well used to that kind of treatment these days.

Hurts now though...
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