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so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Symetrical blisters FTW

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMay 26th 2011
Brick training last night went really well. Overall average of 22km/hr and that included trafficy bits. Over a full 20km too. I broke halfway to run for 15 minutes which was rudely interupted by this:
Symetrical blisters FTW
A tiny, tiny mouse! And I can assure you that my thumb is really small. It was sharpening its claws on a stone and washing its face. It didn't budge as I thundered towards it and in my mind I wavered between holding my pace and taking this rare opportunity to interact with nature. No contest really.

It was totally fearless! I gently stroked its head, which it seemed to enjoy, actually, but I then scooped it up and placed it out of reach of the feet and wheels rapidly going up and down the path. I did wonder if it was ill, but when I returned it had moved - maybe it is so small it is used to being ignored.

So I snapped a pic on my iPhone and ran on. I got back to the bike a few minutes earlier than I had expected so ran on and back again. The bike-to-run is definitely getting easier. I no longer cry out as my knees transmit their disbelief to my brain, rather, they are more accepting.

Back of right heel was feeling warm, and then cool while I was running. Always a tell-tale sign... When I stopped I noted more bloodstaining on the shoes. Well, at least I have matching heels now. Although this one isn't quite so bad so I am doing without Compeed. I even put some Vaseline on it, the ungrateful skin that it is. Maybe not enough and maybe not the right place. Oh well, trial and error.

I also popped up Park Street to get my badTri card yesterday, plus my special slap-on reflective bracelet/anklet/whatever, which is the cool, basically. In my opinion. And the guys up at MOTI were very nice and said nice things about Hecate, which was sweet. Like them a lot. But I coudn't hlep thinking that it's just as well I love my new trainers too as they probably wouldn't take them back with bloodstains, no matter how symetrical they are...

Tonight: swim. Now where's my parcel with those floats I need for drill?
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