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Can't sleep the clowns will eat me
God i wish i was younger :-)

interval session

connor66by connor66Aug 18th 2009
10 min jog then

6 x 2min fast with 2 min recovery
session 1 = 10kmph
session 2 = 10.2kmph
session 3 = 10.3kmph
session 4 = 10.4kmph
session 5 = 10.5kmph
session 6 = 10.6kmph
then 10 min jog
long run day
connor66by connor66 Aug 16th 2009
was a long easy run day so i went long 10 mile and run hard...not sure it was wise but i avg paced it at 9:36. i am happy with this at this point so i think in the next few weeks as i shed pounds and increase my volume i can get quicker. we will ...
away day
connor66by connor66 Aug 13th 2009
away with work but ran at the hotle gym forgot it was asteady session and pushed a little harder than i should. but enjoyed it either way...
connor66by connor66 Aug 12th 2009
slow steady 4 mile run at 45 min, breathing was laboured but HR never rose much over 75% of max only towards the end it reached 80%....
fart what?
connor66by connor66 Aug 11th 2009
ok did a fartlek session today, had to read up again what fartlek was about basicaly it is a do as you like session just make sure you run fast during it recover and run fast again :-) so did 10 min warm up 30 min fartlek ( 5min steady 2min fast...
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