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Corinne's trying to tri blog
Corinne's trying to tri blog

A slight set back

corinneeby corinneeFeb 5th 2010
I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now. The reason being I have felt a little sorry for myself. I have diagnosed with a hole in my heart on the 18th January and since then, I have been having lots of tests and waiting to speak to specialists to get some answers. I'm still on the NHS treadmill waiting for decisions on what is going to happen. And more importantly for me, can I continue marathon and triathlon training!

The answer at the moment is probably no. Going on what the cardiologist said 'don't exert yourself' and how I feel, exhausted, I feel I should back off the miles and intense workouts. So for the last 2 weeks, I have missed the triathlon club sessions and any fast runs. I feel disappointed that I cannot train to the extent that I have become used to, but have to put my health first!

My aim now has shifted to ticking over, gym work, swimming, gentle turbo sessions and slow runs. The benefit is a bit more energy, running with my neighbour more, and even enjoying exercise more! These are the benefits I am clinging onto, trying to eliminate the nawing guilt of not training and the possibility of running the London marathon.

So fingers crossed, all will be ok for the London Triathlon in August!

And no more feeling sorry for myself!!!
Crosstrainerby member: Crosstrainer, Feb 5th 2010 14:38
Hi Corinnee, Best wishes for some good results when you get them from your cardiologist. In 2001 I had a mitral valve repair with open heart surgery. The following year I completed a half marathon over Haytor on Bodmin Moor. Now I am training here in the pyrenees every day as well as racing for my french running club. I hope that your treatment allows you the same outcome I have had. My cardiologist at London Bridge was a runner and said to me you have come in super fit and I am going to take that away for a period but you have the best recovery opportunity with your state of fitness.
Even so after surgery it was difficult feeling out of breath for a while while I recovered. Then I got myself into physio asap and soon got better.
Please contact me if you need any exercise advice later on in accordance with your consultant's reccomendations. At the time I was working as a cardiac rehabilitation instructor taking group classes post op.
Best wishes
prhimby member: prhim, Feb 5th 2010 17:24
Very sorry to read that, best wishes. Listen to the doctors though and no over-training! Keeping a base level of fitness sounds like a sensible plan till you know more.
corinneeby blog author: corinnee, Feb 5th 2010 20:24
Thanks Matt and Pete for your kind words. I will concentrate on base fitness for now. And Pete, that's great to hear you had a good recovery and got back into racing, just what I wanted to hear!! I will certainly be in touch when or if I need post op exercise advice.

Thanks again,
Corinne x
Flanby member: Flan, Feb 6th 2010 13:57
Blimey! I hope you get good news.
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