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Corinne's trying to tri blog

Ironman hopes after open heart surgery!

corinneeby corinneeJul 19th 2010
Several months have lapsed since I last did any triathlon training, or a blog on here! I had to put my summer of races on hold as I underwent tests for a hole in the heart. After lots of waiting, I finally had open heart surgery last month. Since then, I am well on the road to recovery. I am able to walk 5 minutes extra every day and can manage 2.5 miles now!

After going back to basics with exercise, I am keen to plan my progress over the next few months. I am able to start running after 8 weeks which I am so excited about. Swimming and cycling has to be postponed to after 12 weeks when my sternum has healed. I am due to attend cardiac rehabilitation in the next fortnight and I am full of questions relating to a safe return to CV work.

The big race for me is the London marathon next year, for which I have a place deferred from this year. I am hopeful that running will return to me quickly! Following that, I would love a season of triathlon next year. The ultimate goal is, of course, an Ironman! (I like to plan ahead).

When I last posted on here, I got some great advice, including specifically about returning to exercise after heart surgery. If anyone has any advice at all, I'd be more than grateful!
prhimby member: prhim, Jul 19th 2010 22:17
No advice from me, I'm afraid. But great to see you posting again and very glad to hear your good news! Take it steady and enjoy your return to full fitness!
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