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Corinne's trying to tri blog
Corinne's trying to tri blog

My Secret Motivation

corinneeby corinneeFeb 7th 2010
Today I'm feeling much better. Had a good gym and swim session yesterday and slow 10 mile run this morning. Feels great to be out and doing something. Couldn't bear to let all my fitness go as a result of minor set-back. I always feel good when I get out and exercise, it's the sitting at home worrying that is making me worse.

Thanks so much for the motivating and supportive comments. It's great to hear from others when you get stuck in a bubble!

I'm so determined to carry on with triathlon, I love it so much! I have a secret wish which has been been keeping me going over the last few months. So I may as well share it: Before I am 30, I would like to achieve 1. A sub 4 hour marathon. 2. An Ironman. So November 2012 is the deadline and I won't let anything get in the way!! :-)
gocolettegoby member: gocolettego, Feb 7th 2010 20:56
Kepp up the great work!
corinneeby blog author: corinnee, Feb 8th 2010 22:49
Thanks :-)
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