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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
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Hard work

cranmereby cranmereApr 18th 2010
Went out with Dave on the bike yesterday, out to Sea Mills, turned right and up the hill. Still didn't quite make it up, although Dave admitted that he did it in the same gear as I tried on my first trip and found it hard work. He later admitted that he had fitted his race cassette to my bike when I first rode it so I was trying to push a gear that was 'way too high for my capabilities. Anyway, on out to Avonmouth and up to the new Severn bridge, over the bridge and back just for fun, then up to Tockington and back through the lanes which was a lot hillier than I remembered.

And then there was the comedy cleat trick. The one that makes all experienced cyclists giggle at the site of the panic-stricken beginner wrestling to get their feet free in time to prevent the slow and inevitable descent to the road whilst looking like a complete idiot. I guess I've done it now, complete with the bruises and large chain marks on the insides of my legs.
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