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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
Being the occasional thoughts of Pat S

I don't understand the mentality.

cranmereby cranmereJul 16th 2010
What is it that leads some people to think that throwing things at passing cyclists out of their car windows is funny? Does it even occur to them that they could cause serious harm, and would they even care? I just don't understand what is funny about casual violence.

Dave and I encountered this on Saturday. Whilst out riding we passed a car full of young men coming the other way who were throwing things at cyclists. He was hit on his ankle, I was struck on my shoulder head on, and the reason it didn't hit my face was that I saw the object coming and ducked aside so all I suffered was a big bruise on my collar bone. I thought the traditional way to break your collar bone was by falling off, not by meeting UFOs. Fortunately neither of us fell off which was a good thing considering we were descending at a fair speed. No chance to take a registration number of course, and the car carried on with laughing youths hanging out of the windows, jeering. I wonder whether they would have been in the least bit concerned if they had actually killed someone.
maidayby member: maiday, Jul 17th 2010 17:24
They're complete idiots. Experienced myself too - half full Maccy's D's coke cup got me on the head. I don't understand what goes through their minds either but have some ideas about what should not all of which are printable.......Mrs Angry of Bedmo!!!
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