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Cranmere Pool
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I need this doughnut to fuel my training

cranmereby cranmereMay 7th 2010
The title is from Jayne Williams, aka the Slow Fat Triathlete and was the working title of her second book. The trouble is that my metabolism will do huge amounts of work for 1 doughnut so losing weight is not easy.

I'm finding it hard going to lose weight and improve strength and fitness at the same time and after a fair bit of reading it would seem that I'm not imagining it. Eat little enough that the body will let go of some fat and it won't at the same time build muscle or endurance. Increase the exercise and my appetite becomes overwhelming. Cut back the exercise though and my system goes into famine shut-down mode. I'm coming to the conclusion that as far as racing is concerned this season is likely to be not up to much and I probably need to concentrate on weight loss. 15 kilos total loss so far and still losing.
Tiggatighby member: Tiggatigh, May 8th 2010 14:01
15 kilos gone is very good, big well done that girl :)
I've lost 65 kilos (yes, sixty five)in just over a year, combination of lots of different exercise and looking at what I ate, when I ate, how much I ate and vitally, exactly WHY I ate what I did and when. And WHY I needed/wanted to lose weight.
For my part, I found the palm rule works well: use a small plate, palm sized portions of protein, carbs, veg/fruit etc. Eat little and often (I try the every 4 hours thing, works well for me), avoid sugar all around but especially later in the day - am told if you don't use it up immediately it is more or less converted to fat straight away (anyone know if is this true ?) And drink when you think you might be hungry, test your tummy !
Have a listen to this - the guy is annoying but some useful advice

Keep going, it will happen if you want it to

T. x
cranmereby blog author: cranmere, May 8th 2010 17:09
65 Kilos is amazing!
Trevervaby member: Treverva, May 11th 2010 14:05
15 kilos is fantastic! I too have lost exactly that amount since I started my first venture into triathlon. Like you I still have some more to go too but what an amazing journey it is turning out to be. No more medications (high blood pressure...gone; high cholesterol...gone; arthritus...not completely gone but no longer taking daily meds!).

I heard a discussion on the radio last night about how people can take control of their well-being even if they don't start until their 40s, 50s and beyond. We are living proof of that. Keep up the great work!
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