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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
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Slow progress

cranmereby cranmereApr 14th 2010
Having decided to give this a go I promptly acquired an inflamed achilles tendon and a bad cold/bronchitis that dramatically curtailed my training. Back into action on Monday however.

I signed up for Andy Bullock's Tri for Beginners course and so far it's been hit by Murphy's law repeatedly. The other 2 participants were very late for the first day, cried off for hte second, the gym was closed because of a break-in on the next week. On Monday the other 2 cried off again so Andy & I continued with the swim session. Having a good coach all to myself was definitely a good thing and I had a lot of very god criticism of my technique and a lot to work on.

Tuesday, good weights session and static bike at the gym so I haven't lost as much as I feared, although the cold hasn't cleared completely yet.

Today I purchased what must be the most unflattering garment ever invented, at least if you're not a sleek athlete. I am now the proud possessor of a BadTri tri suit which is just about big enough although it makes me look like an over-stuffed sausage. That's in contrast to my wet suit which is equally just about big enough and makes me look like an over-stuffed black pudding. To heck with it, anyone who wants to laugh can come and run a tri with me.
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