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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
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The people at the back

cranmereby cranmereJul 19th 2010
I wish the tri magazines would occasionally feature the people whom I saw whilst marshalling at the weekend. Most of us find the performances of the front runners inspiring and the likes of Wellington awesome, but to me the truly inspiring people are those at the back. Sadly we never see their photographs as they cross the finishing line yet many of them are real heroes.

Coming through the pool in the early stages were people of all shapes and sizes, from the thin young woman who told me that she had been anorexic and was using triathlon as a way to recover because she finally liked her body for what it could do rather than what she looked like, to the large man who cheerfully told me that he was "blubber man" and that he floated very well. The man who did the slowest 400m I've ever seen (and I thought I was slow when I started) but who climbed out with a huge smile on his face. The older woman who compared her upper arms with mine (we agreed that neither of us had bingo wings). People who swam all sorts of strokes including one who resorted to sculling along on his back at one point but who swam their 16 lengths and went on out to cycle and run.

These are the people who are real heroes to me.
maidayby member: maiday, Jul 19th 2010 18:21
Here, here!
And that way I might get in the pictures too.....
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 19th 2010 20:36
I totally agree, the people at the back put in just as much effort as the those at the front as I well know having finished near the back on every race I've done and 2nd to last on one occasion(The winner ran back and ran in to the finish with me, nice but slightly embarrassing!).

I was marshalling yesterday at the Bristol Triathlon festival yesterday too and was so please to see so many people giving it their all! They inspired me with their smiles and good humour on the run when it was really not not a very easy course.
Slackerby member: Slacker, Jul 27th 2010 09:15
It's these guys and girls who make triathlon the fantastic sport it is. Sure you get the guys who turn up at races aiming for a top three or a win and fair play to them, but for each one of them there's someone further down the results sheet who's fought and won their own personal war just to be there. There's a guy who does Taunton Deane Tri year in, year out and comes nigh on dead last every year, he must be pushing 70 but he brings his own little fan club along, because he's the hero of that little group - the nutter who does this triathlon business!!
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