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Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
When I started this blog, it was to track my progress from an occasional kayaker to taking on the Devizes to Westminster non stop 125 race. Little did I know that would start me on a long distance obsession which has resulted in my completing the 30th Marathon des Sables. It has been a strange and sometimes painful ... but always wonderfully challenging journey

This is my occasional account of a middle-age mother's attempt to take on things which are really quite beyond her.

I'm fitter than I've been in years and weigh less than I have in years, so why is my blood pressure going sky-high?

crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwiJun 22nd 2011
Evidenty I'm more naturally attuned to a life of sloth and indolence. But really? I've been going very dizzy and have briefly blacked out a few times lately when teaching - hugely entertaining for the students, but an easy way to get a reputation I fear! I'm already on 2 types of medication for hyper-tension so with my vast medical experience behind me (not!) I decided that obviously my medication is now too strong, given my new and improved fitness, weight loss and healthy eating state.

The doctor took my blood pressure when I was sitting and then standing and pursed her lips - never a good sign from a doctor. 'I would have expected it to be lower, but this seems much higher than I would expect and it looks as though you need stronger medication.' I won't record my reaction.

So can anyone explain why getting fitter and healthier has sent my BP rocketing even higher than normal? (The day they discovered I had high BP it was 188/145 which was so high they wouldn't let me leave the surgery without giving me medication there and then.) I am ever so slightly irritated, especially when she said to watch to move slowly and carefully. Seriously, I know I'm very old tomorrow (b'day) but I'm not ready for the zimmer frame just yet. When she heard that most of my exercise is sitting in a boat or on a bike, she was satisfied. But I'm not. I've loved getting fit again and exercise is now a dominant part of my life, it's my way to unwind from the stresses of the day and lets me get out and do something enjoyable. I just can't believe that the BP is still going up, having been stable (albeit controlled my medication) for 2 or 3 years. I don't smoke, barley drink and eat ridiculously healthily.

So here goes another round of fasting blood tests and the joy of a 24 hour BP test.

Or maybe I'll just let myself become obese and star in one of those gross-out television shows I sometimes watch. At least then I'll feel I deserve my stupidly high BP.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jun 23rd 2011 21:18
Hi, oh no how frustrating for you! Have you tired taking your blood pressure at times other than in the GP surgery? There is apparently such a thing as white coat syndrome and if you feel stressed about what the reading might be then it could be sending it even higher. (I used to be a health adviser and I have seen his on a number of occasions. Don't give up; it's great that you feel fitter than ever!
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