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Irrational fear of triathlon training
I have just completed my first season of triathlon at the age of 50 and now it is completed i have the urge to start writing a blog as a way of getting me over quite a few mental triathlon blocks. my background is track hurdling in my youth (my youth years continued into my 30's before serious ankle injury kept me inactive for a few years) and I say 'season' loosely, i'd planned 6 events, one a month to keep me focused on training but with each distinctly different. 2 spring duathlons and 4 triathlons, illness kept me out of one duathlon but 5 events now completed. However each event and training session seems to have been fraught with incident which caused and still causes an irrational fear to get out training.
I intend to expand and overcome these fears on a daily basis as i train and plan my races for next year. My races this year have been mainly sprint with one standard distance but next year plan to do at least one middle distance. This in itself starts a fear of not getting a race space as i know entries have already opened and closed on some races. Can anyone recommend a fairly flat middle distance race that they have done this year and know that entries have yet to open, i would be interested to hear about them, thanks

fear of injury, but i have learned pacing i think

cymruandyby cymruandySep 16th 2013
I have been troubled with iso many injuries in my athletics careeer that i have a fear of training because this can surely only lead to more pain and destruction to my body. since my last writing i have continued running only except for one swim session, the aim was to concentrate on my running only until the end of november which would include 2 half marathons. It is interesting that since taking up tri training and varying between the 3 disciplines i have not had any injuries. prior to that i was dogged with calf trouble, hip trouble, back trouble and forever twisting ankles but whether it has been the calf stretching whilst cycling or the body loosening in the water i don't know but touch wood i have been injury free. However my plan had only lasted 2 weeks, 2 weeks of running only, 4 times a week, 1st week 17 miles, 2nd week 19 miles, 3rd week plan was 21 miles, no such luck, after a 7 mile sunday run pushing 8 minute miling then tailing off in last couple of miles i hate running and had 2 days rest, on the wednesday went out with the dog for an easy 2.5 mile run and felt ok, just prior to going out running on the thurs i touched my calf and couldn't believe how sore it felt, i probed the muscle with a gentle massage and couldn't believe how painful and soren it was, this was worse than when i had pulls before. My thought was i must have pulled it and a series of expensive physio was to follow, i procrastinated about what to do until my wife wanted to run on the saturday so i accompanied her at an easy pace thinking kill or cure, the easy pace didn't seem to cause any additional tightening so the next day i bit the bullet and followed my usual route with aim of doing 7 miles again to see what the reaction would be, do i abandon thoughts of half marathons or not. My plan was to do as easy a pace i could do without aggravating the calf. The 1st mile is up and down and i usually manage an 8 min mile and try and maintain that pace, the 1st mile this week was 8.15 and felt comfortable, interestingly i was able to maintain 8 min miling until the end of the run and was enjoying my run so much i extended it to 8 miles, usually the mile markers seem take forever to reach but this week they came around quickly as running was comfortable and i felt in control. Have i learned pace judgement i ask myself, 15 secs slower over the 1st mile seems to make a world of difference to the rest of the run !, HALF MARATHON plans are still game on, 5 weeks to go, calf has eased and loosened, it's to be slower easier running i think to go quicker! makes sense doesn't it ?!
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